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September 2011



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Sep. 24th, 2011


Did anyone else realize how impatient I am? I mean, yes, I have the patience to deal with art materials and most people... But waiting for things I REALLY REALLY want to come in the mail is  excruciating! I can't wait much longer or I'm going to nom nom nom everybody's heads off.
Shortly after I posted my last entry I enlisted for my mother's help to select a petticoat. Yes, I'm aware that my mother normally doesn't help much with anything but this time she really came through. She explained which petticoat was better and why! 
I ended up ordering the InTheStarlight petti. 
It's been about five days and I havent received any feedback from them and am silghtly worried...but I was reassured by one of my eleit loli's that this is fine and I should watch my mail next week. NEXT WEEK!?!
Blaaaaaah. I was to wear it ASAP! Not... NEXT WEEK. Alas, I am resigned to do nothing but write about how anxious I am for this to happen. 

And that is all that is on my mind currently, and if anything else comes up I am sure to lest you know about it. 

Sep. 21st, 2011

Writer's Block: Bone-chilling birthday wishes

It's Stephen King's birthday! Who is your favorite character from one of his books?
Trash Man~

Sep. 17th, 2011

Hey~ Learn about the USA

This week I've been trying to learn the Preamble like crazy! I finally got it down I think, I hope, because there's a test on Monday! Phew~ We'll see how much I've learned about the USA~
P.S -  America School House Rock really does Rock.
In other worlds I'm really really digging Lolita. I went to the movies on Friday in a sweet outfit and got mistaken for a forgin movie star. I got called "Alice" and "Little Bo Peep" tons of times... For some reason people here in America like to label people. I got stopped many times and asked, "who are you supposed to be?"  I laughed and explained that was how I dressed normally. People were shocked. I found it somewhat amusing that people don't dress up for no reason anymore. My girlfriend was dressed in a hot steampunk outfit and everyon thought the goggles on her hat looked like Willy Wonka. Little Bo Peep and Willy Wonka forever.
I didn't get any pictures but hopefully I will soon. 
I am also one step closer to ordering my petti. I'm going to order one from FanpulsFriend one now, and then in a few months I will order another from Classical Puppets. Hopefully that will cover me for a couple of years for petties.
And last weekend was the best weekend of my life I'm sure to ever happen.  NDK- year 1. NDK year 2 is already in pre-planning. My outfits are already decided. Friday night will be Ishi along with Tarin, Saturday night will be Iwa along with Travis, and Sunday will be Ishi and Tarin again. Ishi's outfit will be a OTT Rococo Gothic Loli, and Iwa's will be a Cyber Loli. Iggy and I will also be staying at the Marriot Hotel in Denver. Perhaps another few people will join us as well. I cannot wait for next year already!
Well. TTFN. Ta Ta for now~